Admissions Open: 2020-21 : Diploma | B.Sc | B.Tech | MCA | BBA | LLB | B.Pharma | M.Pharma | LLM | MA | B.Com | MBA | B.Ed | D.Arch


  • Dr. Partap Singh
    Department of Agriculture
    Dean / Dy. Dean
    Ph.D (Agriculture)
  • Dr. Sourobhi Datta
    Department of Chemistry
    Prof. & HOD, (Chemistry)
    Ph.D (Chemistry)
  • Dr.Rahul Dasgupta
    Department of Civil Engineering
    Assoc. Prof. & HOD
    Ph.D & M.Tech
  • Dr. Deepak Sharma
    Department of Computer Science & Applications
    Assoc. Prof. & HOD, (CSA)
    Ph.D (Computer Science)
  • Dr. Satyaveer Singh
    Department of Education
    Principal, (Education)
  • Mr. Chetanya Gupta
    Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    Assistant Professor & HOD
  • Dr. Payal Bhardwaj
    Department of English
    Assistant Prof. & HOD, (English)
    Ph.D (English)
  • Dr. Rana Sabyasachi
    Department of Fine Arts
    Assist. Prof. & HOD, (Fine Arts)
    Ph.D (Painting)
  • Dr. Dewashish Verma
    Department of Journalism & Mass Communication
    Assoc. Prof. & HOD, (Journalism & Mass Comm.)
    Ph.D (Journalism & Mass Comm.)
  • Dr. Vinay Panwar
    Department of Life Science
    Prof. & HOD, (Zoology)
    Ph.D (Zoology)
  • Dr. M. Javed
    Department of Life Science
    Prof. & HOD, (Microbiology)
  • Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh
    Department of Management & Business Studies
    Dean / Dy. Dean
    Ph.D (Commerce)
  • Dr. R.B. Singh
    Department of Mathematics
    Prof. & HOD, (Mathematics)
    Ph.D (Mathematics)
  • Mr. Vikas Tyagi
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Dean / Dy. Dean
    M.Tech (ME)
  • Dr. Soma Das
    Department of Philosophy
    Dean / Dy. Dean
    Ph.D (Philosphy)
  • Dr. Ajit Kiran Kaur
    Principal, (SOP)
    Ph.D (Pharmacy)