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In pursuance of UP Govt. Order Ref no-142/Sattar-3-2021-08(35) TC 1 on 15 Jan 2021 on effective implementation of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the University has constituted cell for differently Abled students and SEDGs.

Constitution of the Committee:

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.Ajit Kiran kaur
Nodal Officer
2 Mrs. Garima Gupta
3 Mr. Moolraj Tyagi
4 Ms. Tabassum
5 Mr. Anil Kumar
The objectives of cell according to NEP are as follows:-
  • To inspire SEDGs to participate in various activities of University.
  • To create awareness regarding policies pertaining to SEDGs and helps them in awaiting them.
  • To establish help desk for differently abled students.
  • To make sure the requirements of differently abled students, are fulfilled in University.
  • To provide information to University authority about needs of person with disability.
  • To create awareness regarding policies pertaining to person with disabilities and help them in availing.

  • Apart from above objectives, committee decided certain more objectives:-
  • To provide counselling to differently abled individuals and SEDGs.
  • To provide guidance to avail scholarship from different funding agencies.
  • To provide infrastructural needs to enable them to easily access classrooms, laboratories, toilets etc for barrier free learning environment.
  • To expose the full participation and equality as well as suitable placement opportunities for educated disabled students in public as well as private sector earlier prises.
  • To organize sports and cultural events for person with disabilities.

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