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Institutional planning is a programme of development and improvement prepared by an educational institution on the basis of its felt needs and the resources available or likely to be available with a view to improving the programme and practices of institute. It is based on the principle of optimum utilization of the resources available in the institute and the community.
Institutional development cell aim of bringing about improvements in system of education, improvement of institutional campus, improvements of academic facilities .The institutional plan should be drawn by the institution concered with the active copreration of faculty members by Better planning and hard work to improve the quality of education within its existing resources.

Constitution of the Committee:

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.Richa yadav
Nodal Officer
2 Dr.Deepanshu Agarwal
3 Mr.Amir

  • To prepare annual development plan for the institution.
  • To establish Institution Innovation council (IIC).
  • Registration of institute on NIRF according to guidelines provided by UP government.
  • Participation of institute in NIRF and ARIIA.
  • Improvement of institutional campus (provision of more facilities to pupils like the supply of drinking water, sanitary facilities and medical facilities construction, maintenance and repair of institutional building.)
  • Improvement of academic facilities(organization of seminars, conferences,workshop,FDP etc in institution)
  • Improvement of co-curriculum activities(organization of physical activities and social service projects).
  • Institutional improvement projects like adult education programme, maintenance of love for ecological equilibrium.