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A cell has been constituted for redressal of grievances to ensure safety and security of the female students, staff andfaculty members in Monad University campus. The women grievance cell is watchful all the time to prevent any kind of abuse towards them. If they face any harassment from any co working staff or workers, then they can complain in the University’s women grievance cell. The members will look into the issues, gather the evidence, and take the necessary action against the guilty. The cell also focuses on preventing the harassment by using secret monitory services, which keep a keen eye on the entire campus.

  • To apprise the female students, faculty and staff members with knowledge of their legal rights.
  • To safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members.
  • To provide a platform for attending the complaints and redressal of grievances.
  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff.
  • To organize workshop, seminars time to time to sensitize female staff and students.
  • To ensure the fair and timely resolution of sexual harassment complaints.
  • To do counselling and provide support services in the campus.
  • To promote awareness about sexual harassment through educational initiatives that encourages and fosters a safe campus environment for women.
  • To ensure that students, faculty and staff are provided with current and comprehensive knowledge on sexual harassment and assault.

  • Constitution of the Cell:
    S.No Name Designation
    1 Dr. Soma Das
    2 Dr. Pawan Kumar
    3 Dr. Richa Yadav
    4 Dr. Ritu
    5 Mrs. Nidhi Yadav
    6 Mr. Sanjeev Nimesh
    7 Mr. Amit Choudhary
    8 Mr. Ishtiaq
    9 Ms. Sabnam Khan (Social Worker)

  • A Discussion on " Women in Leadership" on 8 March, 2022
  • A Symposium on " Women and Education" on 3rd December, 2021
  • A Webinar organized on " WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF WOMEN SAFETY " Speaker , Ms. Samradhi Tyagi 27th august, 2021 (An initiative by Mission Shakti, UP Govt.).
  • Discussion on "Balika Suraksha Samman" 08th March, 2021 (An initiative by Mission Shakti, UP Govt.).
  • One Day National Webinar on “ Cyber Crime against Women: Challenges and Safety Measures” 27 Nov, 2020.
  • Weekly Program Organized Webinar on “ Mission Shakti” 23 Oct, 2020.
  • Lectures on “ Contribution of Women in the Progress of Nation” 06 Mar, 2020.
  • One Day National Seminar on “ Gender Discrimination in India ” 28 Nov, 2019.
  • Discussion on “ Women Empowerment in 21st century ” 8 March, 2019.
  • Debate on “# MeToo: A Publicity Stunt? ” 24 Nov, 2018.
  • Workshop on “Legal Provisions Regarding Women’s Safety in India” 8 March, 2018.
  • Workshop on "Women Grievances and Safety Measures" on 15 Nov. 2017.
  • Workshop on "MahilaShashaktikaran" on 15 November, 2016.
  • Workshop on "MahilaShashaktikarankiSaksharta"on 2 December,  2014.